Run with your furry friend

7 November 2016

The benefits of owning a dog is probably a list that stretches from here to Timbuktu. Dog-lovers swear by their tail-waggers, claiming them to be best friends who provide companionship and security.

 Additionally, there are numerous health benefits to owning a dog. Dog-owners have better heart health, lower stress levels and higher resistance to allergies. Walking dogs and playing with them causes you to get more exercise as well.

In the light of all these positives to owning a dog, it’s pretty evident that running with your canine can only be good for you. But here are a few reasons why partnering with a doggy can make you a better runner as well as dog-friend.

  • “NO? What does that mean?”: Once that tail starts wagging and fur ball gets his wet nose right in your face, you know there’s no saying no; which is great, as it helps you to roll out of bed and stick to your routine on days that you’re dragging.
    • Calories be damned: Runners can get caught up in the amount of calories burned or time spent running, rather than enjoying the run itself. A dog by your side can remind you that you started running for the joy of it, and you run free.
  • Running is an adventure: Head out with Fido and you may find yourself exploring new routes and places as he chases different scents on the way. At the same time, he has you by his side and there’s nothing that makes a dog happier.
  • Dogs love running: Watching your dog’s back arch and legs stretch as he bounds away is spellbinding. The miles will fall away before you know it and you end each run less tired than you’d have been if you were running alone or with a human partner.
  • Reinforce that bond: This mutually beneficial activity serves as a great bonding experience for you and your pooch. It is impossible to not feel happy and at peace when you’re running with your dog. And this works both ways. You can also continue the bonding experience with a well-deserved post-run nap.

So head out with your pup and leave the woes of the world behind you, revel in the pleasure of the run and for the joy of watching your four-legged buddy enjoying his run with you.

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