Boriveli National Park Half Marathon 2010

I clocked the half marathon in 2hrs 13mins in Boriveli National Park (BNP) on 22nd Aug, 2010, which is my best performance for half marathon, so far. This run was very special for me because I had dedicated it to my law collage friend Bhopali.

Coach had given me the target of 2hrs 9mins and I knew it was a tough target. I was expecting for at least 2hrs 10mins but I did it in 2hrs 13mins. Anyway, I had saved 5mins from my SCMM (hm) of Jan 2010 and came 3rd among women. I am more than happy.

21st Aug, 2010, being Saturday, I was home for the whole day. I followed my carbo-loading and hydration program properly. Friday night, I had good sleep of 9hrs but the night before the marathon, I could not get proper sleep. I hardly slept for 3hrs. More than marathon’s tension, it was some very bad emotion which was bothering me.

As usual, I got a wake up call from Madhu at 4am. Took bath and had my breakfast of pasta. I was ready by 5am. From IIT main gate Madhu and I got ride from Amit Joshi in his car. On reaching IIT main gate, I realised that I had forgotten to put my digital watch, which I bought two days ago only for this event, since my old watch had stopped working. I had no time to go back home to get it.

We reached BNP at 5.30am. As soon as Giles saw me, he said, ‘Roshni, this time you are going to get tough competition”. I told him, “I’ve my own target and I’ll be happy, if I meet my target and I don’t bother about competition”. We collected our bib nos and from the beginning only, we could make out that the race was very well organised.

When I met Sundar, I told him that I had forgotten to put my digital watch. Without any hesitation he took out his digital watch and gave it me. He told me that he does not bother about his pace because he would be keeping pace with me. Both of us had got similar bib nos. My bib no was 123 and Sundar’s no was 345.

We met Veera, Kavin, Genieva, Supriya, Apurva, Kiingsukh, Sripad, Allen, Bhaskar and all our regular runner friends and many new runner friends for the first time like Sanober, Suneela and many more. I met the Comrades couple Mr. Amit Sheth and his wife Neepa also. This marathon was like a family picnic for me because most of the people who were running or doing volunteer were known to me.

Giles and Bharat bhai gave some instructions to the runners and the marathon started exactly at 6.30am. I started at my comfortable pace. There were KM marking in every Km and I was dot in my target pace till 2.5km. More or less till 5km I was in target pace. When I reached 8km mark, I realised that I was late by 2mins. When I told Sundar, who was running along with me that I was short by 2mins, he told me to try to cover it afterwards but not to increase the speed then only.

From 7km onwards, Sundar and I were looking for Madhu but we could not see her. Both of us were worried for her. We had to run two loops of BNP for 21km (one complete loop was 10.5km). From every turning point we had to collect a rubber band, so that runners would not cheat by not covering the full distance. I collected my rubber band at 10.5km and started running second loop and after covering almost 200mtrs I realised that I had forgotten to ask about Madhu to anybody.

In second loop nothing much happened. While running first loop, I was calling out everybody’s name whomever I was crossing. But in second loop I was very tired to call out anybody. Even if some body was calling out my name, I was just waving at them.

I tried to cover up my two mins but I could not increase my pace, rather I lost two mins more in second loop. Humidity was very high and it was not raining at all. At 20km, Sundar told me that he had got a cramp and he suggested me not to slow down and to keep running on my own pace. I saw Rohit running little ahead of me. When I reached 20.5km, my mind was telling me to sprint but body was not listening. I was getting very scared to sprint. To sprint, I was feeling like as though somebody was asking me to jump from a height. When it was 200mtrs only to finish, without thinking anything I started sprinting and I saw Rohit also sprinting with me and both of us touched the finish line together in 2hrs 13mins.

It was really a superb marathon. I came third among women. At finish there were bananas, biscuits, water, lucozade and so many things for runners. Hats off to the organisers of BNP half marathon. Looking forward for many more marathons like this in future.

After finishing my run I came to know from Ashoke that Madhu got a very bad cramp at the beginning itself and she withdrew from the race. I really felt very bad for her because both of us were very excited for this marathon. I left BNP with Amit in his car. After getting fresh and having food, I went to Madhu’s place. She has pulled her deep muscle. I hope she gets recover soon for our Nirvana Run in Amby Valley. I came back home from Madhu’s place at 1pm and slept for sometime. Sundar had given me two free tickets of LAFANGEY PARINDEY, 5.45pm show in Fun Cinema (Andheri). I went to watch the same with my room mate Sangita. I really had a wonderful and a memorable Sunday.

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Comment by Arvind on August 23, 2010 at 19:59
Congrats Roshni! a good insightful write up too. And great job everyone behind the BNP half marathon!
Comment by Roshni Rai on August 23, 2010 at 19:05
Coach, thank you so much. It’s nothing but only ur guidance and support is doing wonders for improving my speed. Without your guidance, nothing was possible for me.
Btw, it was not the target time due to which I lost sleep in the night before the marathon. It was some stupid thoughts which were bothering me.
Comment by zico on August 23, 2010 at 18:42
You have done extremely well for yourself and it is your hard work and training that is paying you dividends. As usual a nicely worded flowing blog. How in God' name did you get so nervous about your target time that you didn;t sleep!!
Congrats on your win.
Comment by Roshni Rai on August 23, 2010 at 18:31
Hey Veera, thanks for the lovely comment. I hope to live upto Coach's expectation. Yesterday, I was short of 4mins from the target time given by coach. Hope to see you soon.
Comment by Veera on August 23, 2010 at 18:05
Oh my gosh is Rosh ....:-) Congratulations once again !
Great write up and great attitude , Dan must be really proud of you .
All the best , I am sure you'll excel in all the events to come .
With Best Wishes,
Comment by Roshni Rai on August 23, 2010 at 18:02
@Sundar- Thanks for ur comments. Yesterday's run was really wonderful. Hope ur cramp is gone by now. Looking forward for Nirvana run in Amby Valley...;-)

@Shiva- All the best to u for Chennai run.

@Mr. Venkat- Thanks for taking out time to read my blog. Eagerly waiting for Nirvana run....;-)

@Raj- Thanks for ur comments. No way, I cannot race with you.

@Madhu- Thanks for the wonderful comment. I too liked my pic with determined expression...;-) Its clicked by Kaushik. Ofcourse, we will run many more races and marathons together. Take care.
Comment by Madhumita Dasgupta on August 23, 2010 at 17:43
Hey Roshni,
A beautiful write up and an amazing run. I love to see that expression of determination and joy on your face. Hope to run with you soon again....
Many more wins to you Golden Girl!
Comment by Raj on August 23, 2010 at 16:38
hey Rosh i am always impress for u r write up and again this is superb,, and now yeh ,,, yeh,,, we wl race 2gather cheeeeeeers.... keep it up ,,,
Comment by P. Venkatraman on August 23, 2010 at 14:34
Great run and great write up Roshni....hope we have an encore at the Nirvana run at Lonavala.
Comment by SHIVA on August 23, 2010 at 14:33
I rem the days of sunita godara, my marathon days...readin such posts bring back the xcitement n resolve to get into the 2nd wind soon!! hope to b part of 29 aug chennai run..if i get off frm our duty..daughter wl do the 7 km n is prep fr the same.

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