Your thoughts on organising a Full Marathon Training Run in Navi Mumbai

Dear All,


The Navi Mumbai Runners Group has been organising a Monthly Training Run since April 2011 on the third Sunday of the month. This is modelled on the lines of the Bandra-NCPA run which is organised on the 1st Sunday of the month. The Training Run which the NMR Group has been organising typically involves a Hill Workout. The Hill Workouts serve the dual purpose of building up strength & endurance apart from providing novelty factor to non Navi Mumbai based runners.


However, we are now into the last 3 months before SCMM in January 2012. We have been thinking of organising a training run on flats wherein we would provide logistics support for atleast 5 hours. The idea being that the FM aspirants across Mumbai will have an opportunity to get a long run done in October (30 - 35 kms) as preparation for their FM in SCMM. If we hold it, it would be on the 3rd Sunday of October - i.e October 16th. Apart from catering to the FM aspirants, we also wanted to host the 12 Marathons in 12 Months runners in Navi Mumbai for one of their Monthly FM runs.(Amit Joshi & gang).


We have a 11 km loop on the flats in Kharghar which can act as the running route but before we finalise it, we would like feedback from runners on this FM Training Run idea of ours. Based on the response, we can either plan for it seriously or hold the regular Training Run (on Hills) in October as well.


Please do post your feedback, suggestions, comments etc in this discussion.


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@Vatsan-count me in for the full distance.Would like to run a part of the distance barefoot.
@Pravin _ this was meant to be a run by time rather than for distance - mainly at the first timers. Of course, if the 12 by 12 Marathon runners come in, they would do the full distance. Sure, you can do whatever you feel comfortable with and yeah, i am also planning to run barefoot for part of the distance.
@ Vats- I am game for a 30-32K on 16th Oct.Only Flats is Preferred, as we will have to counter October heat.Thnx for a good Initiative by NMR group.

Vatsan: Am in for running part of distance and for back-end support.....

We may need to tweak the 'Flat' we used for Kharghar Hills Training Run....slightly though.......but we'll take it offline and discuss in detail :)

So let's start putting blocks in place.....

 Great Idea Vats ... We all will be with you to make this event joyful .....

Vatsan, as always, takes the initiative. I'm in for this run. Will try to get Sunil so that we can use my car as a mobile hydration station.


Thanks Surya - knew we could count on you.


@All _ we will be trying to find a barefoot friendly route (for part of the route if not the entire route). Anand Anantharaman  will be doing his barefot Mannat run in Navi Mumbai on that day too. So those keen to take part in the Kharghar barefoot HM on November 6th can use the October 1th run to do some mileage running barefoot. You will be doing part of the training run on the actual barefoot HM route.


Do i see the number of hands go up even more? :)


While we have a ready 11 km loop, we are also exploring the possibility of drawing up a 15 km route so that runners training for the FM dont get bored running multiple loops.

I am in for the 30-35 K run, it will be ideal if we can start by 5.30 am. Sun will be out by 7:00 - 7:15 and there is no place to hide on the kharghar flats.
Amit - I see your point :) but it will be difficult for those from outside NM to reach that early. We are hoping to start before 6 am. Anyway, if there is no cover, it will prepare everyone to handle race day conditions :)
@Unmesh, Sandy, Jitendra _ thanks - look forward to having a gala time on the Oct 16th !!
@All _ please refer to the main discussion from now on

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