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6 August 2016

Runners for Life is the largest running community in India and we have taken every step of our journey with the intent of creating a community of, for and by the runners.

To the tenured runners, we are known as the guys who set up weekly/ monthly runs, forging camaraderie, morphing eventually into executing structured timed runs.

To the newer pool of runners, we are the guys who organize three versatile decade-long runs; Urban Stampede, Kaveri Trail Marathon and Bangalore Ultra. These races have become some of the finest footraces in the country.

We are dedicated to increasing the population of runners in the country by not only conducting our own runs but also helping other event organisers conduct quality events, conducting training runs for brands and companies,creating platforms to help support runners through different phases of their running life, creating content on running across our website and a comprehensive fortnightly running newsletter. RFL is known for keeping the runner on the front of all their activities in the last 11 years of our existence.


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