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6 August 2016

Running has picked up as a popular means of fitness. Organizations with large employee strength are trying consciously, to imbibe the culture of fitness into their workplace.

So irrespective of the distance of the run, audience size or terrain, reach out to Runners for Life for delivering a complete running experience.

You can take a look at our client list below to get a better understanding of the magnitude of work we can handle. Conducting a 7 city run with 7 simultaneous starts is certainly no joke.

Get in touch with us. We’d love to help!



We have worked with sports brands and corporates with differing agendas. Here are the who’s who of sports brands and corporates who have successfully partnered with us.

Here are the races we have helped organize.


When I “re-started” running, KTM was my first race in 2009, so it’s very special for me. It’s almost like an annual pilgrimage one has to make. I have run it every year since then. I remember my first race being rather painful – physically and mentally. But over time you start to “love” the pain! Its almost like masochistic pleasure. You start looking forward to it. The true beauty of the race in my mind is the visually pleasing views of the green fields and the bird sanctuary. I also look forward to meeting so many familiar faces on the trail. Almost everyone from the running community in Bangalore shows up for the race. From 2009 to 2013 I am 10 kgs lighter and almost 45 minutes faster on the HM… so here I come KTM to conquer you all over again!

- Vaishali Kasture

There are races you run for your PBs. Boring sissy flat courses like the Dubai Marathon or vibrant city courses like Chicago, New York or Mumbai where the crowds energize and propel you every step of the way. Then there are tough ultras with steep climbs and treacherous terrains that will demand every ounce of grit from you – completing them is ample reward. KTM is neither of those type of races. You run KTM because it tests you. You run KTM because it asks questions of you. Weeks after the race, you’ll still be searching for answers to “what exactly went wrong”. I mean, the course is rather innocuous, right? A rustic flat trail next to one of the Kaveri canals with just one (100 meter) incline. Some say the heat makes it potent. Others swear it’s the humidity due to the proximity to the canal. The course discoverer (Jugy) pithily says “It’s just the bloody course.” My theory is that the sheer desolation of the second loop strips you bare and your inner demons lie exposed – how you deal with them defines your race outcome. If you want to build character, run the KTM.


KTM brings to mind some funny visions, like an old man on a bullock cart, chiding me for running in the hot sun, ready to drop me at the start line – geez, was I that slow? KTM is a great course for a half marathoner, a challenge for the full. I have done 3 mock runs here and they have all been in wonderfully pleasant temperatures. Come race day, the sun is out in all its glory. It’s as if the RFL guys have signed a pact with it. The first couple of times that I did the full, were lonely marathons. A few runners, cows, farmers, sizzling sunshine, lovely greenery and me… a far cry from bustling Mumbai marathon I was used to. Over the years, the event has become so popular that it has to be conducted over 2 days to accommodate all race categories. The old farmer has probably graduated to a tractor. Or, he may be the guy running a full with you… Looking forward to KTM 2016.


Awesome team, brilliantly well organized race. They made every runner and supporter feel special and this created a super atmosphere. I’d love to run and celebrate with RFL again..perhaps 2016?! Thank you again, my visit to Bangalore was very special and participating in your event made it even better!! All the best for many more kilometers and miles…

- Lewis Chalk

Absolutely superb outstanding experience at the Puma Urban Stampede yesterday. You guys just put together a flawless job. I always love to be part of your event and will always do in the future! The trophy is such a beauty. Thank you so much.

- Sayuri Dalvi

Bangalore Ultra - The best time ever- whether you are a pacer or a runner! Need to wait another year for the fun – sigh!

- Gauri Jayaram
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