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At 15:40 on June 14, 2012, Prashant Goyal said…

Kool Ashish .... pleasantly surprised to see you here ....

At 18:13 on May 3, 2011, Ganesh Krishnan said…
Hi Ashish - are you coming to NRC this Sunday for the launch of t shirt? We have booked 2 tees for you. You can make the payment at NRC. In case you are not coming, please let me know how you will make the payment. My cell no. 9223461725
At 13:25 on January 7, 2011, Ram said…

Ashish, wanted to know whether you are interested in joining the post marathon runners' party on 22nd january, details are in this link.


please let me know quickly, entries are closing - there are only limited seats in the hall.

At 21:46 on October 5, 2010, zico said…
Yup, it looks fine!
At 12:42 on October 5, 2010, zico said…
It shows only up to 7th Oct. You have to manage to reach 32K by end Oct and then reduce your training (Taper) to be ready and fresh for the Ultra.
At 21:53 on October 4, 2010, zico said…
You have to just go for plain finishing guy - you cannot afford to mess around with a target time. I say this because it is critical to conserve your energy to do the 37.5K. You will get an indication of your finish time for the full marathon based on your 37.5K time in the Ultra.
At 18:11 on October 3, 2010, Ram said…
Hi Ashish,

You may want to join our 30K group run on Sunday, 10th october, Details are at:

Do let us know.
At 19:59 on September 30, 2010, Ram said…
Hi Ashish,

You might want to join our Bandra-NCPA run on Sunday, 3rd october, details are at this link.

Do let us know
At 14:08 on July 7, 2010, Rahul S Verghese said…
Great to hear Ashish
Look forward to running into you soon
At 17:50 on July 5, 2010, Ram said…
Hi Ashish,

You may want to join our Bandra-NCPA run, which is planned for Sunday, 18th July. Details are available at.

Do let us know
At 10:44 on June 30, 2010, Rahul S Verghese said…
I am sure you will infect many with the joy of running
would point you to running schedules on our website at

Check out some of the running groups in your area at
May you run better and enjoy yourself
Rahul Verghese
At 13:26 on June 10, 2010, Ram said…
Hi Ashish, We are organising a half-marathon at the Borivli National Park, Mumbai on Sunday, 22nd August 2010. Details are posted at the group discussion page. It would be great to have you there.
At 19:36 on March 23, 2010, Ram said…
Hi Ashish, I invite you to the 6 kms race on Sunday at the BNP. Details are logged in the group site itself. It would be great to have you there.
At 11:40 on March 22, 2010, zico said…
No Sweat Ashish - we can always link up some other time. The occasions will be many:-)
At 13:50 on March 11, 2010, Ram said…
Hi Ashish, hope to see you Sunday at the BNP
At 15:30 on March 7, 2010, Rajiv Joshi said…
Hi Ashish,
It was nice running with you last night from bandra to worli afetr which I think you didn't continue for wilson college. I ran till wilson college. Thanks.
At 17:02 on February 23, 2010, Ram said…
Hi Ashish, why don't you join us for the Sunday runs at the Borivli National Park. We have a good group going and it is quite challenging to run in BNP, there are good many uphill climbers.
At 12:23 on December 15, 2009, Ashish Goyal said…
Hi Giles,

Am still planning to make an attempt at the half marathon...lets see how things work out by next week.



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