Got to the lake early 550am.. Pani was waiting for bout 10 mins.. we ran together at the lake after months.. we did an easy 4 laps (insinde) of the lake.. a total of 13.6 KM (3.4X4).. in 85 mins.. we chatted throughout the run.. stopped every lap to sip on some lemonade infused with tang.. ;) we were a bit surprised when we got done as we were still pretty fresh.. looked at doing another lap but as i had not had a longish run in almost 2 weeks and Pani had not run 10K in a while we decided against it.. not that we were tired or anything.. didn't want to over exert.. 15 min post run cool down n stretch..

have decided that on my sunday long runs i will run at a pace that is comfortable but not too slow.. and leave the quicker albeit shorter runs for the weekdays..

live to run another day.. ;)

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Comment by Sridhar Raman on August 28, 2009 at 15:44
Which lake was this?

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