my worst 10K ever. even slower than the first time i ran 10K last year. instead of PB we should also talk about PW. Cause being no running in 3 weeks n totally screwing up my body with lots of unhealthy eating, drinking. Add to that my running has been terribly inconsistent since june.

need to start the hardwork all over again.

Well back to the race. Overall the event was good. Lots of ppl. Great entertainment. 3 stars (Mahesh Bhupathi, sreesanth & anju boby george) And my daughter also won a prize form Yudi :) However what was a let down was F&B. 1. Not enough staff & 2. not enough food. So i decided not to stay for dinner.

But what was really sad is that there were other athletes or ex-athletes in the crowd and no mention of them. There should have been a mention of Coach Beedu and Reeth. It was good to see Reeth running. It would have been nice to see the so called stars running.

After the run wanted to drink a juice but there was only one person manning the counter and 50 ppl around him. He just couldnt handle it. Then a nice lady from the crowd started taking the coupon. The snacks or whatever was left of (momos and chicken kabab) it tasted good but was insufficient. Ppl were waiting 15-20 mins just to get a cpl of pieces.

Back to my run. I was fine till about 6.5K. I knew i had not run in 3 weeks. So i was not going to put in a blistering time or anything. I didnt care about the hordes of ppl passing me by. (finished in the top 300 in the Sunfeast 10K) but here i guess in the bottom 100. Post 6.5K it was all downhill. My race that is. Legs were cramping, feeling out of breath. Was really uncomfortable so i decided to walk a bit. Ran again from 7 to 8K. Then walk run walk run. My family were at the 9.5k marker so i picked up my daughter and carried her to the finished line. Phew man was i relieved to cross the line. Oh and i forgot the bands that played on the route. So i didnt need to run with my iPod :) a very rare occasion :)

I would have loved to stay back and enjoy the fun but had a 35K drive back home. Just wanted to get home, shower, grab a chilled beer and call it a night.

Way forward. Run more consistently. And eat a little sensibly.

Live to run another day :)

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