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Nike 10K Human Race

my worst 10K ever. even slower than the first time i ran 10K last year. instead of PB we should also talk about PW. Cause being no running in 3 weeks n totally screwing up my body with lots of unhealthy eating, drinking. Add to that my running has been terribly inconsistent since june.

need to start the hardwork all over again.

Well back to the race. Overall the event was good. Lots of ppl. Great entertainment. 3 stars (Mahesh Bhupathi, sreesanth & anju boby george)… Continue

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Run on Sunday 23rd aug'09

Great run of almost 17km. In about 1hr 50mins. Don't have exact time as iPod ran out of juice. Ran the first 10km with Sonita. The next 7 with Monica n A2. Was a slow run but was my most comfortable run. Not tired at all. It makes sense to cut pace. Missed Pani at the run.

The week was bad for running. Only run this week was today. So it was a pleasant surprise to run 17km. Lack of running purely down to laziness. 12 weeks to ultra so I better get serious.

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Run on Sunday 16th Aug'09

Got to the lake early 550am.. Pani was waiting for bout 10 mins.. we ran together at the lake after months.. we did an easy 4 laps (insinde) of the lake.. a total of 13.6 KM (3.4X4).. in 85 mins.. we chatted throughout the run.. stopped every lap to sip on some lemonade infused with tang.. ;) we were a bit surprised when we got done as we were still pretty fresh.. looked at doing another lap but as i had not had a longish run in almost 2 weeks and Pani had not run 10K in a while we decided… Continue

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Treasure hunt at Nike Run Club

It was an interesting run this morning at the NRC. Incorporated a treasure hunt in cubbon park. Teams of 4 members. Running from one clue to the next. Total route length about 4k. Did about 7k as we misread some of the clues n had to revisit some of the points. But it was fun.More like a 7 k speed workout. Run from one point to another. Take a break n pics read the clue n off to the next one.

Plan to run 15 k tomorrow at the lake.

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Week 15 Oct 27 - Nov 2

Not been very regular with my updates.. still suffering from cold.. and the early mornings do not help either.. week 15 is over.. 2 more weeks left.. runs throughout the week were ok.. but sunday was a disaster.. 30k has become my nemesis.. the past 4 attempts something or the other has gone wrong.. first attempt cramps at 25k .. second attempt ankle twist at 15 k and retired at 20k .. third attempt suffering from cold and congestion so retired at 17.5 .. fourth attempt (nov 2nd) right thigh… Continue

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Week 14 Oct 20 - 26

under 4 weeks.. that mean 2 more weekends of trying to get to 30K and pass it.. giving myself 2 weeks to rest for the ultra.. though 3 weeks is advisable.. but i need the mileage too.. recovered well from sundays run.. though the left ankle still had slight pain..

Day 2 - pretty quick 5 miles in 50:47 .. some stretching at home and at the lake.. damn in mumbai for the next 4 days.. so running in hot and humid conditions..

Day 1 - too lazy to wake up thought i crashed… Continue

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Week 13 - Oct'08 13-19

New week. Getting closer to the Ultra. Having serious doubts if i can do 50K. Have yet to break the 30K barrier. 2 more long runs before i start to Last sunday thighs cramped at the 25k mark. This is the first time i have cramped this year. Not sure why but i think i did not hydrate myself enough during the run. Planning to take it easy this week and not do circuit training with my runs. Give my body a rest and then push from next week.

Day 7 - only 20K in 2:21:00 .. big… Continue

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Week 12 - Oct'08 6-12

Recovered pretty well from the 20K run at ONV. No running on Monday and tuesday due to early morning rains. what a bummer. Had a fantastic run on wednesday, thursday and saturday. Sunday was good and not so good.

Day 7 - big day as i planned to do 30K.. that too alone at the lake.. no running buddy today.. i bought some new carb mix for running.. had a glass at 530am.. stocked my self with this new drink 100 plus.. more cabs and other things (salts i presume) than gatorade.. this by… Continue

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Week 11 (29 Sept - 5 Oct)

Under 8 weeks to go for the Bangalore Marathon... but the organisers have not yet announced it.. very wierd.. am actually having second thoughts about it.. maybe i'll train for 50K for run the Ultra and give the Bangalore Marathon a pass... so thats one week less of training and 8km more.. hmm..

Day 7 - ONV.. beautiful place but deceiving.. took a while to get there.. ran 20K but it felt more.. i thought the kanakpura run was tough.. but this was tougher took me 2:32 to finish.. a… Continue

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Week 10 (22 - 28 Sept)

A big week. Just ran my longest ever 27K on sunday. My big toes have healed. black but no pain. pain on the right rib cage is not there. feeling really fit. good week overall. not only ran but complete body workout too. yoga. core. stretching and breathing. circuit training. Recovered pretty well. iced my legs as soon as i got home. then applied some volini and more ice in the afternoon. by night only little pain on the side of both the knees.

Day 7 - big run.. 27k in 3:21:34 .. felt… Continue

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Week 9

Recovered pretty well from the big run on Sunday.. but all's not well.. man my big toes feel like they have been trampled.. left toe is ok now.. but looks like the nail has come up of the right toe.. a bit painful.. but can run with it.. bec of the rain in mumbai.. got chest burns.. better now.. the rib cage injury seems to be healing.. but no pushing as i can feel it..

Day 7 - needed to run 11 miles as per schedule but ran 12.5.. 30k from my place.. the fortnightly RFL run was by… Continue

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Week 8

Overall pretty happy with the previous week though i was short by 2.2K in the sunday run... this week have increased the focus on non-running activities.. recovered pretty well from the 20K run.. by sunday afternoon i was ready to run another 20k .. :) i think all the ice rubbing on the legs worked..

Day 7 - had a late night so started at 815am.. thank god no sun.. :) but loads of rain.. the sportband is not working.. need to talk to the nike guys.. one of my best runs.. man it… Continue

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Week 7

1/3 rd of the way into the training for the Bangalore Marathon.. things shaping up well.. an old niggle under my right rib cage has surfaced after many years.. so now i am doing some stretches as well as breathing exercises.. also have included some pilates into my running regime to strengthen the core..

Day 7 - didn't get proper sleep... anxiety i think... don't know if i should be happy or sad.. my longest run yet albeit by a 100 odd metres.. :) .. but could not run what i planned… Continue

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Week 6

recovered pretty well from a 20k run yesterday.. no aches and pain.. no soreness.. feel pretty fresh.. today is a rest day.. am still trying to understand 'recovery runs'. maybe i should do some a day after the long run...

Day 1 - much needed rest. look forward to tomorrows variations. undecided on what speedworkout to do.. hopefuly by EOD would have finalised.

Day 2 - disappointing day. planned to do some intervals 2 recovery runs & 2 pace runs. did 1 mile recovery… Continue

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Week 5 Day 7

20 k in 2:13:56.. wow... longest yet.. :) ran at an easy pace 10:47/mile ... was not washed out after the run.. gulped down 50-100ml every 4K.. first experience of running in the sun.. man is tough.. thank god for the trail section under in shade..

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Week 5 Day 6

easy 5K in 31:23... @ 10:07/mile ... had a good warm up and cool down session..

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Week 5 Day 4

did 4.2 miles of interval training.. 1 mile run 1 mile recovery.. the intervals were pretty fast.. 7:48 & 8:20 ... think i pushed a bit hard.. will try with a slower 8:30 - 9:00 pace..

in all 4.2 miles in 39:59 .. not bad .. :) interesting weekend ahead... pretty excited about it.. gonna do 20K.. another landmark for me..

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Week 5 Day 3

easy 10K in 1:05:22 @ 10:23..

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Week 5 Day 2

easy 4.2 miles in 41:35 @ 9:55 mile.. training progressing well.. legs felt a bired tired after the previous long run.. but recovery was good.. no niggles in today's run..

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Week 4 Day 7

a record breaker of a day.. ran my furthest yet.. 10.5 miles or 16.8k in 1:51 @ 10:38/mile.. the last mile was pretty fast too @ 8:34.. looks like the increase in speed during the shorter runs during the week has improved my longer runs.. also every mile of mine was faster than the previous one.. increased our pace during the run a little by little.. carried on a conversation with my running buddy (Arvind) for the entire duration except the last mile.. man arvind is fast.. i think i slow him… Continue

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