Next group run on Sunday, 25th March 2012


Date; Sunday, 25th March 2012

Assemble Time: 5.45 a.m. 

Run Start Time; 6.00  a.m.

Assemble Point - Just inside the BNP - a little after the main gate 


One loop to Kanheri Caves is 6.20 kms  


Water will be available near the start point.

Annual passes are required for entering BNP before 7.30 a.m. so those who do not have the passes may please get the same by visiting the ticket counter at BNP on any working day during working hours. You need to go there personally and carry Rs.100 in cash along with your passport size photograph 



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Great run at BNP today with the stalwarts Raj Vadgama,Bhasker DesaiBharat Damodar Oza, Hemant & Unmesh Nayak - was cruising along till Raj reminded us that we were going very fast. Super day for running today at BNP - cool temperatures throughout the run with few blasts of hot air in between - signs of times to come perhaps!!. On the return leg we came via the Mafco route. Rounded off the run with super core conditioning workout shown by Raj - plan to do the core workouts shown by Raj every alternate day!!

Carbo loading with idli and wada at nearby Ramdev Hotel. Dhanraj Kunder, Vikas S S Mysore & Ankur were also there today.

had a great 16 km run today in bnp missed ram and group since we did 2 different loop of 2 km and 1.5 km on the second loop.

Next group run at BNP on sunday 25th march 2012 - please see main page of this discussion above -

awesome turnout at the BNP today - weather was superb in the morning - most of us were doing only one loop so perhaps we did not feel the heat much - running in the forest is so much an awesome experience - great to see Kaushik PanchalAishorjyo GhoshSanjay Padmanabhan, Eknath Hosbett, Amit, Ajit, Shashidhar ShankarSupriya Shashidhar, Hemant, Milan Thakkar, Dr. GB Sharma, Ulhas Rele, Rajesh Poojari, Dishant Oza at the park today.

@ram it was fun running today in bnp as the climate was pretty cool and refreshing.


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