Dear Runners,

We are 425+ on this forum and there is a miniscule percentage of that number that actually posts on this page. We know that it is not really easy to join a forum because there are doubts and concerns about acceptance by the group, the right way to butt in a thread, ease with the language being used as medium etc.


I must share that runners are a "fraternity". Have you not noticed how an unknown runner that runs past you, waves out or acknowledges you. If not that, at least you will have habored the thought that you should have introduced yourself. Please note that many of us that seem to know each other on this forum took a while to get introduced. In other words, we were sailing in the same boat as you are now.


This thread is to allow you to introduce yourself. Tell us a few things.

  • Your name, nickname, location, profession (if you want to share it)
  • Married / Single / kids?
  • Whether you are new to running or accomplished.
  • Whether you run alone or with a group - where?
  • What races you have run over the last one year
  • How many hours you train in a week
  • Your short term distance running goal - any particular race?
  • Your long term goal - for example, although many of us have done several full marathons, we have this goal of doing either the Banglore Ultra 75K or 100K and for some the COMRADES.
  • Anything that I may have missed but is essential for sharing:)



PS - After this, please make sure you post on the page:)

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Hi guys,


My name is Satnam Singh. I stay in Chembur and I work as Manager (Administration) for a financial services firm at Churchgate. I am 40 and single. Been running away from getting married for a long time and thats what made me a runner...... Alright jokes apart I love running and have been running ever since I was 14 years old. But inspite of such a long time of running, I have never been able to be consistent. In fact, even right now its been almost 2 months since I have practised. But then thats how I have always been over the years. I love running alone. Have run just 2 half marathons as of now and will run the 3rd one next year.


Hi Satnam,

Thanks for 'setting the ball rolling':) Please join the Navi Mumbai group for a run on some sundays. They even have a special run once a month. Check our space for this - and yes, do post and join our discussions on the main page.

Hi Guys, I am Himanshu, 34, married, from Powai. I used to be a banker but then quit my job a couple of years ago. These days I do a bit of freelance stuff. I teach at times, write occasionally and regularly trade in stock markets.


Thing that I love doing most is running. I started running a bit late in the life at 23. However, have been regularly running since then except for 18 months when I had to take a break due to fracture in my right foot. I primarily run in the gym (I know lot of people consider it a crime!) for about 5 KM, 5 days a week. I was never a long distance runner and started running half marathon only since last year. Ran Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad half Marathons and recently concluded TCS 10K and loved the experience. Intend to be much more regular at these events going forward.

I have no running goals per se, I run because I love running. But yes, someday I would like to run Comrades.


Look forward to meet and run with fellow runners on this forum.


Zico, Its a nice idea to start this thread. thanks.

Hello All,

I am Srivatsan (vatsan in short). I am 39 years old - 40 next month. If Himanshu started running late in life at 23 years, i wonder what that makes of me - I started training only last year :) I am married and have a daughter - work in Equity research in a reputed financial services firm. I took up running last year because i wanted to finish the SCMM 2011 HM. took baby steps - 2-3 kms initially, a month later 5 kms, after 2-3 months started going to gym for strength training 2-3 times a week, ran 3 times a week. My goal was to run atleast one HM in life. I finished SCMM HM in Jan in decent time and then have run one HM distance practically once every month if not twice. I have run the Thane HM as well. My Goal is to run my HM well under 2 hours, keep improving and then move to the FM in SCMM 2013.


 I live in Navi Mumbai and we have a very enthusiastic bunch of runners there - we run together every Sunday and we also organise a Monthly Run on the third Sunday of every month.  


Running is a passion now as i still try to keep improving - miles to go before i sleep is the motto :) Looking forward to meeting and running with many of the friends here and elsewhere.

@ vatsan. I know 23 is not that late :) What I meant was I never played any sports in my school/college days and started running late in that sense

@ Natasha. Very nice quote. Thanks for sharing.


Its great to see people who are so passionate about running. 

@ Vats and Natasha - Thanks for being the "lead runners" on the page that posted their own introductions. I am sure others will follow suit and it will encourage everyone.

Veteran runner (age is only a number). I began late too but have been running since 16 yrs. I was introduced to the Pune Intl Marathon in 1994 and managed to run 16K this first time because I used to play football and strength train at the Gym. I have run several marathons and the list is on my profile. I live at Andheri(E) and train with a group at Aarey. I am an average runner that enjoys the sport for the rush of endorphin and for the health benefits it affords me.

Married, 16 yr old son, working wife. An Engineer, I work with a listed company and look after one of their Strategic Business Units. I am also a Certified Fitness Professional from the "American Council on Exercise". I train runners at the NIKE RUN CLUB, a corporate as well as privately.

My short term goal if I am able to recover from a recent illness and if I can make the time, is to run the Bangalore Ultra 75K. I have no long term goals except that I'd like to run many many marathons - enough to be able to tell stories, in the evening of my life, in a rocking chair, by the fireside, with a snifter of cognac and a daschund at my feet.

Famous running quote:

Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up.
It knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed.
Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up.
It knows that it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve.
It doesn't matter whether you're a lion or a gazelle
when the sun comes up you'd better be running.

Nice discussion put up dan sir, this way people can read about other peoples running history and get inspired to push harder! Me myself, not really a experienced runner. for some reason i used to run maybe 5km maybe at 13,but close to 6months back at 14 started tracking my runs and recording the distance ant time so that i can know my progress and the days i didnt run. I love running know and can never think of living without it! Not run any events as im underage,lol but yea have finished 22km in my training. I love swimming and cycling too, want to become a triathlete! In swimming have done 2km(2000m) and cycling, not accurate!

Dear Zico Following is my introduction

  • Your name, nickname, location, profession (if you want to share it)

I am Umesh K Dash, I am a Doctor by Profession and specialist in Anaesthesiology, in Central Government Job and presently posted at Lonavala

  • Married / Single / kids?

I am 44 years young (??? any objection), married and have a daughter of 8 years old.

  • Whether you are new to running or accomplished.

Though I am not an acomplished runner, but started running almost 20 years before, had run local long distance running from five kilometer to Half Marathon in various places, but never ran any famous running events till the starting of this year.

  • Whether you run alone or with a group - where?


Most of the time I run alone

  • What races you have run over the last one year


Till the begining of this year I had never ran any acomplished event. Only this year I ran Mumbai Full Marathon and Thane Half Marathon

  • How many hours you train in a week

This varies from 2 to 8 hrs

  • Your short term distance running goal - any particular race?

Present goal is completing next year Mumbai full Marathon in around 4 hrs, ofcourse will be a Veteran


  • Your long term goal - for example, although many of us have done several full marathons, we have this goal of doing either the Banglore Ultra 75K or 100K and for some the COMRADES.

I have the aim of completing this years  Bangalore ultra 50 K, but I am not very sure about it

  • Anything that I may have missed but is essential for sharing:)

Thanx Zico, request for your kind introduction. Regards


@ VikramAditya - You are amazing with this zest for life and fitness at the age of 14! While I wish you the best, please take care training because your muscles and bones are still growing. It is certainly a good idea to cross train with swimming. In the fitness world, they say that Triathletes are the safest from injury because they have a perfect cross training program - running, cycling swimming. All the best. 

Hi, This is Michael from Thane, But you can call me Mike, am 50+ & still running :) Single & ready to mingle :)

By profession I am a service engineer with Hindujas Indusind Media & Communication Ltd. popularly known as Incablenet, we are the Internet & Cable TV service providers. I am based at their branch office at Thane which is just 10min walk from my home. I basically deal with the INDigital Set top Box & also the Stores, actually there are other responsibilities which i am told to do which keeps me on my toes through out the entire day.   i work 11 hours daily.

I have been running since the age of 20, when we used to run in a group of 15, then boredom set in & one by one all dropped out except for me. 

So far i have done more then 15 HM & only in Mumbai ( SCMM ) & Thane ( TVM & THM ) with an average time of 2hours 30 min.

I  run just on weekends (but sad to say i dont have a holiday on Saturdays)  on Sat. i put in 40 to 50 min of running, but on Sundays i try to do about 2 hours.

I dont run to do any races but just to keep fit & spend less on doc. bills. running races is my Secondary motive.

I feel that in order to have a great run one must be fully aware of the fundamentals / theory behind running. 

Running is not when some one tells you that it is good to run, so one fine morn. you get out of your bed wear what ever you find & run as is there is not tomorrow. Running should come from within, you should love what you do.

I also have a blog on running which has not been updated for quite some time "Honestly"  :  

I also feel that one should train in group & under  an experience runners, Initially when i started running i had a whole lot of problems & spent a lot on Doc. bills which included X rays & treatment.

I think that is all i have to say :)


Thanks Dan sir for this thread .

I am Bijay Nair , a Non Residential Mallu (NRM) born and borught up in Mumbai . 35 yrs , married and a daughter 5yrs old . Was into sports right from school days . Naturally after my Engineering , got selected for Indain Navy  in Technical branch , gave a very satisfying 12 yrs to Navy and hung up my Uniform last year at the Rank of Ltcdr (major equivalent in army) .Did my double graduation a Mtech from Navy in Missile technology and MBA form JBIMS . Currently i work for a National classification society for Shipping as Marine Surveyor and QMS/EMS / OSHAS  Auditor .


Took to the HM distance only Last year . when in Navy hated running as it was forceful . Did a max of 88 Km in 2 days in 1999 during our Training days in navy . Did 07 HM s last year . I am a foodie , love to make friends , running helps in both this . PB 2hrs 8 min in HM . Then a bike accident ( some how i have a natural tendency of falling from bike or some one dash me with bike (last one a month ago) ), it slowed me , my spondylitis aggravated , then a imbalance Thyroid and what not . But still i run . My pain gets activated after 15 to 16 km , then my timing goes for a six. Now , since my driver deserted me , i moved on to Four wheelers myself  and love driving which takes me to NCPA , Khargar to run. I do practise regularly and use to run with GOLDS Mulund group . 01 year i headed the group and unfortunately i couldnt motivate them for more . Now , me and a close friend left in the group but we enjoy our run . Whoever calls , i am there for a run  . Was privileged to have been attached with the Tshirt Projects for Mumbai Marathon Runners .


My Goal is to do a FM in SCMM 2012 and so many HMs lined up .


My runner friends are like family to me and yes Priyanka chopra got lucky last sunday , i obliged her for a photograph (she is a actress , but i am a runner ).................


My famous lines : MMR lines  and  "I Run therefore I am ".




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