‘I Love My Tiranga’ is an initiative started by Mumbai resident Khalid Qureshi to promote the Indian Tricolour Flag. Two years ago, this ticket checker with the Western Railways conceived a bold vision, to popularise a cause very dear to his heart. He decided to run from Mumbai to Delhi, a distance of over 1,900 km, carrying the Tiranga, to encourage, inspire and enthuse every Indian (as well as religious and educational institutions), to love the Tiranga, and proudly display it every day.

Khalid’s question to all Indians is "Why is it that our flag is unfurled only when we win at cricket, or on national days, or during anti-corruption rallies? We should be proud to display it every day and not just wait for an occasion!"

To promote the Tiranga, Khalid will be starting his run on January 26, 2012 at 8:30 am from Gateway of India, Mumbai, in his quest to reach out to every Indian.

Khalid aims to run with the Tiranga in his hand. En route from Mumbai to New Delhi, he will be stopping in 10 cities to promote the Tiranga. He hopes to run at least 40 kilometers every day. In Delhi, he hopes to hand over the Tiranga to another Indian who can carry the Tiranga to other cities in India.

For further details,  contact:

Khalid Qureshi - Mob: 9867609953

email: ilovemytiranga@gmail.com


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Its a great idea khalid, It would be a wonderful sight to see someone carrying the tiranga in the hand and running.  I have thought of planning to run a great distance across india to see the culture as well as the geography change with every kilometer you cross. You my friend, will witness it first hand all the best.. 

@khalid! how we as a runner can join you in mumbai?

Hey Kaushik... you can join me anywhere starting from Gateway of India. as per schedule, I would be running in Mumbai till 28th Jan. on 27th Jan would be around Andheri, on 28th Jan reach and promote in Borivli. Will keep you posted on the route plan. Call 9987145825..thanks for the support.

Khalid, I will join your run during Mumbai lag, wherever possible.

thanks hemant.. will keep you posted on the schedule in mumbai

Khalid, It was great to meet you at SCMM. It would be great if I can join you on some part of Jaipur-Delhi Leg.

Is there anyplace I can see your route.

Will you be sharing your location live? I guess sharing it on Google Latitude is a good idea.

Tried your website, it did not work. Let me know the URL.



thanks ashish... sure will be happy to have you join me in jaipur. will keep you posted on route. will provide you link of route in some time. thanks for bringing to our notice about our website. will look into it.

Khalid started his Run for Tiranga on 26th January 2012 from Gateway of India, Mumbai. He has reached Virar this evening. He will be reaching Vapi on February 1, 2012. Join him for Run for Tiranga....Mission 'Tiranga in Every Home'.

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