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A number of you took part in the pathbreaking First Edition of the "Hot Pursuit" 5 km relay race that was held in BNP on 27th March 2011. Essentially, in a 5 km relay race, you will have a team of 4 runners who all run 5 kms by turns. Each runner hands over a baton to the next runner of their team as they finish their 5 kms. The Team that finishes first wins the event (without any cheating and provided they satisfy the rules that we will be laying down below).


Last year's event was a thumping success and the top three teams finished in  jaw dropping timings!!



Team name

Team Timings


Flying Cheetahs



twilight zone







Its now time to carry forward the momentum that was generated in the first edition.  We are pleased to say that the 2nd edition of this series will be held in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai  on Sunday, the 18th of March 2012. The event has been moved forward by one week since it was clashing with the DNA "I Can" women's Half Marathon and we would like all our women runner friends to take part in the 5k relay race.


This discussion will have additional details in the coming days including  medical facilities, baggage facilities, toilet facilities, water facilities,  approach routes to Kharghar etc. Remember this is a team event and hence the contributions will be collected team-wise (responsibility of designated Team Leader). 

In order to help defray expenses (this being an event handled by volunteers), each team consisting of four runners will need to contribute Rs.400. This amount needs to be paid for the registration to be confirmed. The Rs.400 can be paid to the following :

Ram - Goregaon / BNP

Milton - Bandra

Bijay Nair - Mulund

Vikas - Powai

Any of the NMR members - Mani/Jitendra/Surya/Srivatsan

The last date for registering teams is 11th March 2012. The Organisers can reject entries that come in after 11th March 2012 or where the Rs.400 has not been paid by that date. We plan to distribute the bibs to registered Teams (those who have paid the Rs.400 or will pay by 11th March 2012) on closure of registrations. Please register early to avoid inconveniencing all the teams.  


Eligibility for a Team to participate:


Each Team will comprise of 4 members

Each Team must have one Female Runner and only one female runner.  This is to ensure that as many teams are able to form as possible, given the smaller pool of available female runners.

Each Team will have atleast one runner who is 40 years of age or more (Verification will be done at the time of Bib Collection and on Race Day).

The minimum age for participation is fixed at 16 years (we will ask for verification details if in doubt regarding any participant’s age).


Any team that does not fulfill the one female runner criteria, as well as the minimum one veteran clause, will be ineligible to participate.   Also, Teams that fail to pay the registration fee before the cut-off date will be ineligible to participate.


Teams CANNOT use a single runner to double up as both a 40 year old veteran and as a female runner.  Hence the Female runner will be separate and the Veteran runner of 40 years + will be separate.  In case any team is unable to take part because of lack of veteran runners, then those teams that have maximum number of veteran runners in their team will have to leave out one veteran runner from their team.


Once the registration starts, the Team Leader can give a name for his/her team. We will also be having a process of verifying the age of Veterans both at the time of Bib Collection and on race day as well.  The Veteran runners in each team will have to carry a photocopy of a legal photo id - drivers licence, voter id, ration card  etc.


There will be certificates awarded to the Top three Teams (provided they satisfy all the eligibility criteria on verification).


The race is tentatively slated for a 6.30 am start. The route map for the 5 k relay race is as given below 

Those who are tech-savvy and/or want additional details can click on player and then click on the play button to see the direction of the actual run. (anti-clockwise direction)


Meantime, get cracking and start sounding out your friends for the formation of the Team.  The registration link for the teams is enclosed herewith (Link has been removed as Registrations are closed)


You can post your questions in the discussion and we will address it as soon as possible.


The details of Teams registered until now is available here


Here is the link for those who want to volunteer in the event either after their run or as full-time volunteers


Route Map to reach the Starting Point


Vashi Bridge to Start Point –,+navi+mumbai,+ind...

Airoli Bridge to Start Point –

Kharghar Station to Start Point  by vehicle –,+Khargha...


Good Luck and we look forward to a new Event record this time.

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@Anand - i would urge all the volunteers to also run - all they have to do is run one leg - preferably the 2nd or 3rd legs - at least the volunteers at the base station can definitely run. 

Last year I volunteered, this year I want to volunteer and run!

Great Show - i too will volunteer and run

Anand - No kiskaving from the relay run. You need to run. I will run as well as volunteer....

Srivatsan/ Milton - special request has come from ultra runners Raj, Mumtaz & co. that they be allowed to run all the four legs in the event i.e. one man team - for them 5ks is not even warm-up - should we allow that - i think we should!!

just kidding!

Ram - we must respect heroes such as Raj. Mumtaz, Apurba etc. We should allow each of them to run 20 kms as part of a single team. So while we mere mortals run 20 kms in all, their team will run 80 kms :)

Is it possible to capture each individual's 5K time also, within the overall team performances? In that case, we could declare first 3 winners in individual performance in Men and Women category.

@Hemant - without the chip timings it would be difficult to capture individual timings - i think let us leave it as team event only

Hemant  - this is a team event - the team that manages to perform to its strengths and manages its weaknesses over a 20 km run is the winner - individual out-performances are not important in this - else we will be like the indian cricket team where we have stars who individually would walk into any world team but collectively looking like a bunch of jokers :)

Srivatsan, I agree with your view point.

By the way, can you also mention in the main discussion above, the names of the participants of the last years top 3 winner teams? Most of us do not remember who were the members of Flying Cheetahs, Twilight Zone and BNP 3 teams.

I will request Ram to do the needful since i missed out on last years event.  Hemant, you were a part  of it yourself :)

The link to the discussion thread of last years event is here

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